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Settlement Gift | Gratitude Garden

Moving home can represent a new milestone in life and it's one worth celebrating! So don't miss the opportunity to celebrate their new address and their fresh opportunities in a new space. A step above the ordinary; we have carefully chosen a lovely treasure trove of treats. This colourful collection is enough to lift anyone's spirits!

A perfect Congratulations and Thank You! 


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What's in the basket?

 Indoor plant

Good-bye flower bouquets, hello house plants! Bring a little bit of the outdoors in. Indoor plants can be much more than decorative accents. They can help purify the air and reduce the stress of a busy day. The greenery of this plant will brighten up any room and make the home feel happier and healthier. Medium in size and come with a neutral colour concrete pot - variety may vary depending on availability but will be of equal value and beauty. 

 English Breakfast Loose Leaf Tea by Mayde Tea

The perfect start to the morning, this loose leaf English Breakfast blend is bold, bright and smooth. The traditional blend of certified organic black tea from India; the freshness and fullness of flavour is worlds beyond any other English breakfast. Big call, but we've made it! 40 serves. Comes with complimentary tea tongs. 

Raw Honey by Pioneer Valley Produce

Raw honey sourced from the beautiful Noth Queensland region; harvested and bottled by hand, by beekeepers who respect the native flora their bees rely on.  Packed in gorgeous reusable Australian made glass jars. The label features work by local artist, Kylie Ferriday, from the Mackay region; giving a true taste of Queensland's North coast.  Sunshine, pure honey and a little bit of imagination go into every jar.  Full of natural goodness and a taste they'll love; a perfect sweetener for a cup of tea.  400g. 

Roasted and Salted Macadamia Nuts by Wondaree

A nourishing and wholesome treat, these Macadamia nuts are grown in Atherton, Queensland on a family owned and operated farm. Boasting a hearty and satisfying flavour of their own; they are the perfect treat. Enjoy alone - they are too delicious to share. 

Chocolate Chip by Serious Cookies

Delicious cookies made with a secret blend of plant-based ingredients – organic quinoa and coconut flours are baked with organic coconut oil and real Belgian dark chocolatecuits that are delicate and fragrant. Perfect for the whole family. 

Floral Garden Artisan Soap by Life on Shackleton 

An artisan soap that inspires you to get out of the house and go exploring on a sunny day. The aroma of the blooming gardens is absolutely intoxicating; scented with lavender and geranium and sprinkled with rose petals. Made by an experienced Australian soap maker with pink clay, Olive oil, Coconut oil, Shea butter and Castor oil. This artisan soap will leave the skin soft, smooth and moisturised.  Wrapped in a furoshiki wrapping cloth; waste free and reusable. Approx 140g - weight can vary slightly. 

Green Thumb by Craig Miller-Randle

A book by renowned indoor 'plantspert' Craig Miller-Randle will take them through the basics of helping indoor plants to thrive. Green Thumb is filled with advice that Craig has distilled in his 40+ years of experience. Whether it's choosing the right pot, propagating, watering or getting rid of pests, Craig has all the info they'll need to grow their own lush indoor jungle.  

Woven Basket with Seude Handles 

Whether they're headed to the beach, the local market, or on a picnic adventure with the family, this stylish woven basket is durable and can handle whatever they find along the way. It's lightweight, made of water hyacinth with tan suede handles. A versatile and generous carry basket that will be used on the daily.

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