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Self Care Gift Box | Seaside Special

"Do you want to go to the seaside? I'm not saying everyone wants to go. I fell in love at the seaside" - The Kooks

There is nothing like the sweet release of being by the seaside. Sunshine, salt and that wild sea air. Inspired by post beach rituals; hydrating your skin and relaxing by candle light while sipping a cold iced tea.  This gift is sure to delight the recipient. Perfect for a birthday gift or to say congratulations or thank you.

What's in the box?

 Vitamin Sea Face Oil by Gracious Minds

A nutrient rich blend of nature’s most advanced antioxidant extracts to repair and deeply nourish your skin. This silky, brightening oil targets fine lines, elasticity, tone and dullness. Vitamin C, Omegas 3,6 and 9, and powerful antioxidants encourage collagen synthesis whilst repairing and brightening the skin overnight. Vitamin Sea is infused with Astaxanthin also known as:  Red Algae seaweed. It is a powerful antioxidant and is sometimes referred to as the strongest antioxidant in nature. Red algae can help the skin respond to oxidative damage from environmental aggressors, such as the sun, as well as inhibit free radical formation.

 Driftwood and Sage Candle by Zenj Australia

Salty driftwood wrapped in aromatic sage and aquatic wood accords. This scent is natural and earthy, while still clean and fresh. Lighting this candle will transport you to a rugged and stormy secluded beach where the sea spray gently greets you as you look out on the endless waves. The tones of driftwood and sage, married with a touch of lemon, cedar wood and amber brings comfort and peace to any home.

These candles are 100% soy wax, handmade in Melbourne and come in a reusable amber jar.

 Hibiscus Lemon Myrtle Iced Tea  by Mayde Tea

Refreshing and antioxidant rich, this tea can actually be enjoyed hot or cold. A delicious uplifting brew. This organic loose leaf tea is made includes; lemon myrtle, rooibos, hibiscus petals  and jasmine flowers.

 Raw Honey by Pioneer Valley Produce

Bursting with complex flavours of the surrounding flora of the Pioneer Valley this raw honey is extracted, sustainably, in small batches by hand. Strained (not heated!) only once to retain all the natural goodness the way nature intended. A perfect accompaniment to sweeten a refreshing iced tea.

Macadamia & Spotted Gum Honey Caramelised White Chocolate by Koko Black   

Open their door to the world of artisan chocolate with a single bite. Part of Koko Black's Australia native collection; native ingredients reimagined into chocolate. Salty, buttery and biscuit-like notes collide with oats, spotted gum honey and macadamias. A touch of pink lake salt adds a bit of magic for one creamy, caramel adventure. A decadent harmony of flavours! Handcrafted in Australia with 100% natural ingredients. 80g


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