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Birthday Gift Hamper | Golden Hour

"You are golden" - Lady Antebellum

For the person that loves a dash of colour and an hour to themselves every now and then. The golden hour; a moment of peace amongst the chaos whatever time of day that may be. To be in their own thoughts; have a cup of tea, a treat and read awhile. Comes with a cute tote so they can pack up and find an oasis of calm away from it all. 

Perfect for birthdays, to say thank you.

What's in the box?

The Moonflower Monologues by Tess Guinery 

A fusion of creativity, prose and poetry. The blurb says it all; 

So, just as the moonflower, dares to stand and bloom, growing bright and free, in the shadows of the moon; May these gentle pages, when planted just like seeds, carry breath to move you (& others) through the valleys and the messy seas—In the shadows—blooming.

 Whipstick Wattle and Roasted Coconut Single Origin by Koko Black 

Indulge any chocolate lover with this rare and effortless flavour combination of Whipstick Wattle and Roasted Coconut. A handmade block of 39% milk chocolate, with a unique and delicate flavour profile; earthy, nutty with a charming lingering sweetness. 80g

Restore Organic Loose Leaf by Mayde Tea

This uplifting blend; rich in Vitamin C, antioxidant and antimicrobial properties combines lemon myrtle, rosehip and hibiscus. Perfect as an after dinner ritual or an afternoon pick me up and best of all gives the opportunity to be present. Best served hot with a slice of lemon to add some zing.  40 serves. Includes tea tong strainer. 

Nomad Mug by Ecology 

The white base colour with subtle speckle is the perfect background to showcase the sweeping abstract elements in papaya. A gently tapered shape pairs with an elongated handle to offer balance to each mug. This mug brings beauty and excitement to tea time. We guaratee it won't live at the back of the cupboard.  340ml.

Roasted Macadamia Nuts by Wondaree

A nourishing and wholesome treat, these Macadamia nuts are grown in Atherton, Queensland on a family owned and operated farm. Boasting a hearty and satisfying flavour of their own, these are the perfect mid morning treat. Enjoy alone, you won't want to to share! 

Tote Bag by Peggy and Finn

A storytelling tote bag. Features a beautiful print by Aboriginal artist Rachael Sarra. The artwork is inspired by the contours of the land and sea. The organic texture tied with the bold contrasting colours celebrate the diverse nature of the Australian elements.100% organic cotton. 34cm x 40cm x 10cm.