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Birthday Gift Hamper | Peaceful Indulgence

If you think good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely - Ronald Dahl 

A favourite in the Cedar and Rose collection. A gift made for the bold and stylish, this gift is tastefully designed with a hint of blush. Make them feel loved and appreciated with this unique gift.

What's in the box?

Linen Covered Stone Paper Journal by Gracious Minds

This journal is a beautiful combination of simplicity and functionality. It is made from  water proof stone paper and comes in a stunning gift box. The pen glides from word to word on the smooth paper which makes for a unique journalling experience. It is perfect for preserving the most treasured thoughts or memories. Elevate their writing ritual into an uplifting experience. 

Cacao Powder by Orchard St 

Celebrate and elevate the everyday with heirloom Peruvian single origin Criollo cacao powder. A feel good brew for the heart and soul and an easy addition to their morning routine or daily ritual.  Hand harvested, naturally fermented, sun dried. Packaged in a reusable amber glass jar; perfect for displaying hand picked folliage. 200g. 

Rolled Beeswax Candles by Pioneer Valley Produce

Light up a room with these pure beeswax candles. Made by hand in Mackay, Queensland using pure Australian beeswax and cotton wick. Nothing is better than a candle to enhance the mood or to bring a simple glow to the decor. The perfect addition to a writing ritual or a relaxing shower. These beautiful candles burn with a warm glow and with a slight - but not too strong - honey scent. 

Macadamia & Spotted Gum Honey Caramelised White Chocolate by Koko Black   

Open their door to the world of artisan chocolate with a single bite. Part of Koko Black's Australia native collection; native ingredients reimagined into chocolate. Salty, buttery and biscuit-like notes collide with oats, spotted gum honey and macadamias. A touch of pink lake salt adds a bit of magic for one creamy, caramel adventure. A decadent harmony of flavours! Handcrafted in Australia with 100% natural ingredients. 80g

Zest Artisan Soap by Life on Shackleton 

Treat them to something special. Handcrafted soap infused with healing and uplifting ingredients; calendula, lemongrass and lavender. These luxurious, artisan soap bars are formulated to be kind to the skin with natural oils and butters carefully selected for their therapeutic properties. Make nature part of the everyday with a zesty shower escape.  Wrapped in a furoshiki wrapping cloth, waste free and resuable. Approx 130g - weight can vary slightly.

Premium Honey and Toasted Almond Nougat by Bettaneys  

A blend of unique honey combined with generously toasted South Australian almonds and balanced with French Vanilla Bean, then encased in the world’s finest Dutch rice paper. A perfectly sweet and extremely delicious treat. 180g


A Mother's Day gift hamper designed to elevate and surprise.  Don't forget to include a heartfelt message to be included on the card.

Gifts delivered Australia wide for the perfect Mother's Day gift. Order now to secure this gift for your Mum; limited stock available. If Mum is in Mackay it will be delivered on days leading up to Mother’s Day.  

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