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Pause Mini

"Take a break. Press the pause button. Unwind, take it easy. Just relax"

Know of someone in need of some pamper time and want to give them a reason to take some time out for themselves? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Our pause gift box has all the relaxation items one could dream of to pause and reset.


What's in the box?

Eye Pad by Addition Studio 

The Eye Pad is a scented, all-natural eye pillow. Place the eye pad over the eyes after meditation, when going to sleep or after yoga to help with relaxation. Made from a soothing blend of all natural ingredients.

 Milk Bath Brew by Addition Studio

Bath Brew is a giant tea bag for the bath, used as a remedial & relaxing bath soak. Steep in this tonic and enjoy the benefits. With nourishing Goats Milk, raw organic Cacao butter & Lavender botanicals.

 Serenity Loose Leaf Tea by Mayde Tea

A floral blend of calming herbs, Serenity is both nourishing and warming. Soothing lavender combines with rose, passionflower and chamomile to support the nervous and digestive systems, making this a perfect pre-slumber elixir for a restful night’s sleep.

 Tea Tong

Just that.

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