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Coffee Lover Gift Hamper | High Vibes

"Never underestimate the importance of being properly caffeinated" Unknown

When only the finest coffee beans will do, this is the perfect gift for a discriminating friend or family member. Treat them to a luxe morning moment, with a fantastic cup of coffee made using Seven Miles beans.  Coffee lovers will delight in these luxurious morning moments.

What's in the box?

 Cultivar Coffee Beans by Seven Miles

Self-confessed coffee nerds; the team at Seven Miles, believe every cup should be simply exceptional. Award winning coffee beans, Cultivar is a tribute to those before us and those ahead of us. A careful composition of beans selectively sourced for their distinctive flavour, from farmers dedicated to nurturing their lands to produce the very best. Clean and crisp with Honey, Caramel and Malt notes and a prolonged fruity undertone and aftertaste. The perfect way to start the day. 250g of whole beans. 

Luxury Lupin Pack by Restful Rituals  

Relax and unwind on cool mornings with a 100% Australian Lupin filled heat pack. The ultimate comfort accessory.  Perfect for chilling out with a good book enjoying the morning sun or to relax the muscles after a big day. These Lupin filled bags are as relaxing and comfortable as they are versatile. They can also be used cold for instant soothing coolness.  Made in Australia. Size 13cmx 44cm 800g.

 Nomad Mug by Ecology

This will be their new favourite mug that they will reach for morning, noon and night. The durable ceramic mug is highlighted with a subtle speckle and features sweeping abstract elements. A gentle taper and elongated handle give this mug balance and an easy feel to match any style of day. 340ml 

 Roasted Macadamia Nuts by Wondaree

A nourishing and wholesome treat, these Macadamia nuts are grown in Atherton, Queensland on a family owned and operated farm. Boasting a hearty and satisfying flavour of their own, these are the perfect mid-morning treat. Enjoy alone so you don't have to share! 

Premium Pistachio Nougat by Bettaneys  

Made from the greenest and freshest pistachios you have ever seen by local farms in Perth, which are then lightly toasted and combined with unique local honey, French vanilla bean and encased in the world’s finest Dutch rice paper. A perfectly sweet and extremely delicious treat. 

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