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Five Sustainable Gift ideas for Mothers Day 2022

  • 2 min read

Whether it’s for Christmas or a  birthday, wedding or for no occasion at all, a thoughtful gift can truly make someone’s day. At Cedar and Rose, we are passionate believers in keeping the timeless tradition of gift-giving alive. Inspired to deliver genuine joy, we believe that gifting should always be purposeful and personal while limiting our impact on the earth. 

In Australia,  so many of us are becoming increasingly mindful about our environmental impact, we have curated a list of five sustainable gift ideas that are sure to inspire joy, whilst also being environmentally considerate and kind. 


  1. Linen Tableware

Nothing spells understated and casual elegance more than beautiful linen tableware. Perfect as a wedding gift or housewarming present, this is a thoughtful and sustainable gift for the friend who loves to host dinner parties or even casual barbeques.  Look for linen napery in classic colourways such as oatmeal, grey, rose or white so that with just a few simple, festive additions, they can use and reuse their thoughtful gift for many celebrations.


 2. Artisanal soaps

A delightful gift that one rarely purchases for themselves, artisanal soaps are not only beautiful to have in the home, they also cut out the need for frequently purchasing plastic bottles. Look for handmade soaps by local suppliers, enriched with native Australian ingredients such as eucalyptus, bush mint or lemon myrtle. These invigorating scents will not only linger aromatically in their home, but also add a touch of luxury to their everyday wellness.


3. Natural Soy Candles

Candles are the perfect gift for a friend who treasures calm, daily rituals and luxury. Be sure to find Soy candles which are free from paraffins or petroleum. As soy is biodegradable, soy candles are cleaner for the environment and safer to use in the home. Soy candles also generally burn slower and more evenly than paraffin candles, so the uplifting and balanced arormas can be  enjoyed a for much longer. Find a candle housed in a beautiful vessel that can be repurposed and enjoyed long after the candle has finished.


4. Handmade ceramics

Handmade ceramics are a nod to both traditional elegance and modern luxury. Not only do ceramics make for gorgeous and tasteful display pieces, they are also a perfect gift for a friend who cherishes genuine handmade treasures. Support the artisanal talents of local makers by gifting a selection of beautiful, earthy ceramics such as vases, tea sets or servingware, gifts that will act as both functional and aesthetic pieces fo  the  home.


5. Local produce

Always a crowd-favourite, local artisan speciality foods is a surprisingly simple yet thoughtful gift for your sustainably-minded friends or family. Australia has some of the most celebrated food regions in the world, and a locally produced jam, sweet treat or wine is a gift that will always be appreciated. Select organic items produced by small business that tell a story.  Bonus points if they are beautifully presented so that they will not only dance playfully on their taste buds but also be a delight to look at. 

Still stuck for for ideas? Browse our selection of gift boxes that feature Australian owned, designed or produced products selected carefully with sustainability at the forefront of our minds.